Karl Percival Artist

Manchester - British Artist

About Karl Percival

Born in the 60's in Salford, his parents modest house was with all the features of a then Salford terrace including an outside toilet, no bathroom and only a cold water tap in the kitchen. ​He grew up playing in the rubble of demolished houses after the government of the day decided to clear the Salford slums. Eventually Karl and his family were rehoused as part of the Salford overspill in Little Hulton. After studying at Hulton County High School (later Harrop Fold as seen on TV), he studied art and graphic design at Salford College in the 80’s he launched into his career as a commercial artist and was quickly taken on by several London agents, He continued in this career for some years illustrating book covers, magazine DPSs, medical books, film posters, newspaper cartoons, in fact everything including the kitchen sink! As he had a commercial outlook, everything he did was based on speed and the cheapest methods, little did he realise he was actually learning multiple techniques out of monetary necessity. he's always been a bit of a secret artist despite having had many exhibitions most of his friends wouldn’t know he even painted.